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ACB's Payment Services Group reports continued growth in rebate and sales incentives payments, pointing to increasing consumer perceptions of rebates as great savings opportunities.

With half of 2019 rebates fulfilled, The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc. is seeing notable increases in rebate and spiff incentive payments. For the 12-month period ending June 30th, ACB reports a 57% increase over the previous year, attributing growth to several factors. Research studies conducted by ACB's partner, Hawk Incentives, revealed gains in 2018 in consumer perception of rebates as great savings opportunities. Finding deeper value in rebates over other sales promotions and providing an opening to expand relationships with a brand, rebates continue to attract deal seekers and comparison shoppers.

"Brands and marketers have many promotional strategies in their marketing portfolio. Rebates are just one of the ways to engage customers. As innovations like digital, virtual and instant redemption evolve, consumers, retailers/resellers and brands will continue to benefit. ACB's online incentives web platforms simplify the consumer experience. It's a win-win for everyone." John Portelli, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ACB

Technology advances have increased the speed of rebate fulfillment and contribute to year over year growth. With the addition of digital rewards, rebate fulfillment can happen faster than ever. ACB's online claim submission sites are designed to be mobile- first, offering a fast and easy experience on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Advancements in digital and virtual payments and expansions in payment technology, will serve to continue the evolution of rebates which are forecasted to remain on this growth track well into 2020.

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