Drawing upon the expertise of our employees and our innovative technological strengths, ACB can successfully and effectively provide reliable, scalable and manageable IT solutions for your business needs.

Our IT staff is skilled in both proven current methods and promising emerging technologies. Our solutions embody the industry’s best technology, not just the most familiar.

  • Industry Experienced Personnel

Our IT department includes a talented team of seasoned professionals with an in-depth understanding of the unique business requirements of our clients. Their skill set allows them to support our clients’ IT needs while keeping abreast of the latest technologies. We have pioneered Web-based initiatives since 1997 and we continue to expand our technology knowledge base in application development, strategic business intelligence, data management and information interfaces.

  • No Outside Contractors/Outsourcing

Every application installed by ACB has been developed by our own full-time employees. At ACB, we do not utilize third-party developer shops, off-shore houses or contractors. That means that the team who designs, builds, tests, and implements your solution is the same group that will support it in the future. This continuity allows us to refine your solution as business priorities shift.

  • Financial Controls – The Backbone of ACB Services

Over 200 clients put their trust in ACB to host, manage and secure their confidential data. ACB adheres to the highest standards for archiving data, disaster recovery, and security protocols. Your needs will be met by individuals and systems with the latest training and technology to keep your information safe.

Customized & Syndicated Applications

ACB has created numerous fully customized and robust business applications including;

  • Co-op and MDF Allowance Management Tools
  • Business Planning Tools
  • Print and Web Ad Tracking
  • Training and Event Registration
  • Spiff and Rebate Management
  • Search Engine Marketing

ACB’s large toolbox of proven technologies means that the solution created fits the specific needs of our clients.