The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc. (ACB) can help you integrate your channel marketing programs to maximize reach, budget and performance.

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A sales incentive program such as a SPIFF working in tandem with a consumer rebate, for example, can both be working to drive sales of a specific product or product group. Your ACB team supports you to creatively assess opportunities for program integration, while at the same time maximizing your budget and reach.


If you have more than one program with ACB, you can easily keep your eyes on the larger picture of how those channel marketing programs are performing and where the results intersect. Access to a cross-program business intelligence portal can provide you with a comprehensive view of your ACB programs. Historical and real-time data feed into marketing program dashboards that yield insights that can be clearly and quickly understood and can support tactical and strategic decision-making for marketing, sales and finance leadership.

While our business intelligence tools will be at your fingertips, you'll also have the advantage of our many years of experience in the channel marketing space. Your ACB team can help you interpret cross-program data and spotlight areas for growth or adjustment. Contact us.

Real-Time View

While your programs run, you have access to on-demand reporting tools to gauge effectiveness and see early trends in participation levels by program type, customer segment and geographic area.