Our vision to SEE what can BE is one of our greatest strengths. You'll even find this philosophy in our name itself – first C, then B.

For over 100 years, The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc. (ACB) has powered initiatives within the channel marketing industry. Founded in 1917 by Walter B. Katzenberger (Mr. K.), ACB first served clients as a central clearing house for checking newspaper copy and verifying placement of national advertising across more than 2,600 daily newspapers in the United States.

ACB expanded into ad tracking and competitive benchmarking in the 1930s. In the 1950s, ACB introduced Co-op service and the signature checkmark in our logo became known as "the mark of good service." In 2017, we celebrated our Diamond Anniversary – 100 years of excellence, service and results for our ACB clients.

In the new millennium, empowered by the trust of our Co-op clients in paying out millions on their behalf, ACB embarked on new service offerings including Rebate and Sales Incentive program administration.

We have had a "can do" culture since our founding days. In the words of our founder Mr. Katzenberger. "Success is never achieved by 'luck' or 'chance.' It takes vision, high standards, perseverance, hard work and spiritual enlightenment. The basis of any real accomplishment is not what you wish for, but what you work for."

Great Strides

Inspired by an unwavering corporate commitment to continual improvement, our logistics and technical professionals are encouraged to seek out new pathways for greater efficiencies and to custom build the applications, networks and connections needed to solve marketing program challenges.

Over the years, as media and technology have evolved -- from print to digital, from word of mouth to share of social -- ACB has not just kept pace, but has led the way, by pioneering the use of web-based technologies to manage Co-op, Compliance, Rebates and Incentive programs and to make available on demand, real-time business intelligence.

As we look forward to the next 100 years, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs. There's a place for your business in our long list of satisfied and happy customers. Contact us.

Our Vision

"Our commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service, both of which have served us so well for our first 100 years, will lead us into our next 100." – ACB President, Brian McShane

A Century of Innovation in Trade Channel Marketing and Incentives