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Planning Your Program

Whatever type of shared marketing program you offer – Co-operative (Co-op) Advertising, Market Development Fund (MDF), Ad Allowance, Brand Compliance, Channel Marketing, Local Marketing Funds, etc. – The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc. (ACB) will help you plan the ideal program for your business goals. We work together with you to understand the unique positioning of your brand within the channel.

Guideline Composition & Development

Composing Co-op Advertising program guidelines is a careful process that ACB takes care of for you. Throughout the life of your program, we are always listening for ways to fine-tune your guidelines to achieve even greater clarity and effectiveness.

Brand Protection & Claim Validation

At ACB, we ensure the industry's most thorough, accurate and professional claims processing and Co-op management services. Your account team can check each claim submission for guideline compliance, including advertising placement, Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), logo usage and copy standards, ensuring your brand is properly protected and communicated.

Shared Portal

Our proprietary Co-op Resource Center (CRC) web portal is a login-protected shared space between you and each participating channel partner. All stakeholders are provided with a complete Co-op resource which delivers total line of sight to all their Program activities. Let us demonstrate how ACB remains the provider of choice for leading marketers who want to optimize their Co-op and MDF advertising investment. Request a demo.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Dynamic reporting enables you to see how your programs are performing and make optimal decisions to improve future results. Ongoing evaluation of your Co-op Advertising, Compliance, Rebate and Sales Incentive programs by your ACB team ensures maximum effectiveness for both you and your valued trade partners.

ACB’s enhanced Business Intelligence platform delivers an additional dashboard layer that integrates reporting across your Co-op Advertising, Compliance, Rebate and Sales Incentive programs, providing holistic insight that is clearly and quickly understood by your program managers and senior leadership.


Our technical team can assist you with providing a secure connection from ACB's CRC to your own internal systems, as well as other turnkey vendors supporting your Co-op and Trade Marketing programs. Our expert approach to your program needs ensures we deliver the real-time information your channel partners require, completely integrated with your own branded environment and resources.

Easy Transition

Already have a Co-op Advertising or MDF program running or not 100% satisfied with your current Co-op administrator? Bringing your program to ACB is a smart step forward. We’ll discuss your program goals and challenges and the experience and hands-on approach of your dedicated ACB team will ensure a smooth transition. Contact us.

Let us show you how to design a world class Channel Marketing, Co-op Advertising or MDF program. We’ll benchmark your programs and demonstrate how critical steps deliver superior ongoing program performance and results.

ACB's Formula for Success – C then B:

  • Strategic Planning and Needs Assessment
  • Program Research and Design
  • Implementation & Communication
  • Program Management, Measurement & Customer Service
  • Business Intelligence