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Brand compliance and verification are the heart of channel marketing partnerships; we make it easy.

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If you want to keep it simple and not require claim submission at all, The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc. (ACB) can monitor digital media and the websites of your channel partners using our ad tracking services and flag any instances of non-compliance found.

Verification that your program guidelines have been followed or validation of placement of advertising are crucial to the success of your program. ACB takes care of it all with our Compliance Services.

Verification of Brand Compliance

For Compliance Programs, ACB team members review each and every ad monitored to make sure that your brand identity guidelines have been followed precisely, including requirements for advertising placement, Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), logo usage and copy standards.


Should a channel partner want to review that an ad meets your Compliance Program guidelines before the ad is run, we are more than happy to review it for prior approval. In fact, we encourage this practice, especially when large or highly visible ad buys are involved. We understand the need for some retailer partners and dealers to make sure it is right before it runs.

Digital Capture & Annotated Feedback

For ad placements monitored that do not meet the Compliance Program guidelines for your brand, we can capture the ad digitally, then provide annotations of the discrepancies or violations. Web access to this detail provides your channel partner with actionable feedback as you strive for local channel compliance with your corporate identity standards. Contact us.

Monitoring Is Not Just For Partner Efforts

Our Ad Tracking and Compliance Services can be combined to track your own advertising across a bandwidth of media. This is an efficient way to ensure that your ads are conforming to your goals for consistent messaging and can be a helpful tool for improving your marketing reach and impact.