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Not only does ACB deliver successful channel marketing programs for your brand, we can also help you keep tabs on the competition.

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Our Ad Tracking Services provide marketers with analysis of competitive ad share and ad spending in all major media: print, broadcast and Internet. Our web-based dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of key metrics such as share of voice as well as advertised price and price point benchmarks.

Digital ad images are available for your reference as well, so you may put the metrics in context of what the consumer is experiencing. This additional detail will help your marketing and creative teams make decisions for future advertising efforts.

Our Ad Tracking Services can also help verify compliance for your own brand. Let us tell you more about how ad tracking can be integrated to support all your sales and marketing programs. Contact us.

The Motivation to Know

Did you know that ACB has been tracking advertising since the 1930s? It all started when an ad agency handling the Pabst Beer account asked ACB to send newspaper beer ads to them to 'see what the others were doing.' While more sophisticated today, the underlying reason is still the same.