Advertising Checking Bureau Plans its Centennial Celebration

A milestone is fast approaching for The Advertising Checking Bureau (ACB), with planning underway for celebrating the company's 100th anniversary on March 5, 2017.  

Since its founding in 1917, ACB has developed and maintained unique services and systems that effectively support the Co-op Advertising, Trade Promotion Marketing, Newspaper and Sales Incentive Industries.

The celebration will not only focus on ACB's long standing status as an industry leader, but will also acknowledge employees' talents and dedication to ACB's success over the past century.  The festivities will concentrate on the company's rich history in the advertising and media communities with a look towards the future and the next hundred years.

"We are proud to join the ranks of the elite companies that have been in business for one hundred years.  Our ability to thrive in our challenging and changing marketing services segment is a reflection of the expertise and resilience of our employees.  We are fortunate to have the depth of talent that infuses our operations and client services with the technology, versatility and energy to drive us into our next century.  We've accomplished a lot in the last hundred years. It is worthy of great celebration." - Brian McShane, President, Advertising Checking Bureau

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