ACB's Powerful Channel Marketing Solution Integrates Analytics Across Programs Enabling You to Maximize ROI on Every Marketing Dollar Spent

If you are challenged to make insightful and actionable business decisions from multiple trade channel marketing programs offered by your organization, ACB has a powerful channel marketing solution to integrate analytics across all your programs!

ACB's business intelligence solutions offer actionable insights from your marketing program data, enabling meaningful analysis and optimized decisions to improve performance.

ACB's business intelligence solutions are a great asset as a stand-alone reporting tool for one program or a data integrator across multiple trade marketing programs. Flexible reporting allows you to create marketing program dashboards providing insight from your data that can be clearly and quickly understood by others.

Wouldn't it be helpful to merge Co-op and Trade Marketing program information with sales and consumer incentive programs? Wouldn't it be great to have a complete picture of what is working and what may need improvement? Unlike other channel marketing business solutions, ACB's BI infrastructure and tools include historical and real-time data to support both tactical and strategic decision-making processes.

ACB's solutions include report "dashboards" that house large volumes of data from a single marketing program or connects data across multiple marketing programs to provide better visibility and insight into the programs that sell-in and sell-through your products.

Whether focusing on specific areas such as traditional and digital media spending within your Co-op or channel incentive program or combining this information with sales incentive programs such as spiffs or rebates, our trade marketing reporting tools will help you meet your goals and help your marketing, sales and finance leadership make more informed and better decisions.

Our partners utilize ACB's business intelligence platforms to evaluate retailer, program and product effectiveness. Reporting allows you to focus and identify geographical areas to maximize product sales, target incentive programs to drive sales on products and/or product groups and evaluate your overall return on investment.

If you would like more information on ACB's services and business intelligence reporting tools, Contact us.

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