Website Launch Kicks Off Focus on ACB’s Time-Proven Methodology and Business Intelligence

The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc., is pleased to welcome clients, partners and visitors within the channel marketing industry to explore our company’s newly revamped website here at

The focal point of the site is how it highlights ACB’s time-proven methodology. As a visitor to the redesigned website you can experience ACB’s renewed marketing platform, "C, then B." Using the memorable position of the letters "C" and "B" within the ACB brand acronym, the fact that the "C" appears before the "B" in "ACB" is indicative of the company’s own approach to delivering successful programs for ACB clients.

Now, for our newest clients and partners, remembering ACB’s unique point of difference is as simple as knowing the ACB name. Leveraging 100+ years of know-how, we first see ("C") your vision of marketing channel success and how a custom-tailored focus and mix of ACB’s services can bring it to light. After this mapping is complete your program will then be ("B") on its way to becoming the top performer you want, delivering industry leading customer service to attain your business goals in an impactful and measurable way.

Designed with your user experience in mind, the site foregrounds ACB’s service offerings with streamlined navigation and efficient content organization. Access to information about ACB’s Co-op Advertising, Compliance Programs, Rebate Programs, Sales Incentive Programs and Ad Tracking Programs is available from a variety of different entry points.

The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc. has been a leader within the channel marketing industry since the company’s founding in 1917. The milestone of launching our new messaging and website is just another step forward in our mission to deliver consistently innovative, customer-centric solutions.

We are excited about our new website and marketing platform launch and especially the way they illustrate our fresh take on marketing channel services.

For questions about our channel marketing platform or for information on how you can become an ACB client, contact or send an inquiry through the site at

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